TSAGI introduces new technology into production


Specialist research and production complex (NPC) TSAGI failed to 2-5 times the performance of machining metal parts in the manufacture of large-scale wind tunnel models of aircraft.

Development along with economic efficiency provides the necessary level of accuracy and quality of processing. In this technology, in particular, have been made sets of wings for aircraft models SSJ and MS-21, the aerodynamic model looking compressors external compression of the project DREAM, as well as large-size model of the wing panel on the project SADE 7th Framework Programme of the European Union.

The result obtained was preceded by many years of research. For example, studied the possibility of eliminating vibrations that arise with increasing speed milling parts. As a result, vibrations decreased endurance cutters, affects the accuracy and quality of processing. SPC specialists developed scientific methods of high-speed milling and special instrumentality funds, which amounted to a single processing facility. This system allows a limited period of time to determine the rational combination of the modes of operation of the machine, choose the optimal tool path, to reduce vibration and unwanted effects.

High metal processing technology has become firmly established in the pattern-making institution. At the current stage, it can be used to create airframe parts, and other items of general engineering.

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