TsAGI scientists are working on a new plane of small aircraft

Specialists of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute. prof. NE Zhukovsky (TsAGI) have developed a technology platform (a set of interrelated technologies) available light multipurpose aircraft (LMS) with enhanced home. The platform can be used to create a long-term aircraft on 9, 13 and 19 passengers, which must meet the requirements of the Russian market of small aircraft and to have competitiveness in the global arena.

The contract with the Ministry of Industry began in 2011, the press service of the institute. TSAGI proposed set of technical solutions in the field of aerodynamics, materials and structures, management systems, providing a significant improvement in the technical level and the consumer qualities of the airplane. Scientists are working on the creation of the airframe of polymer composite materials, automated management system LMS, as well as the wheel chassis in the base case and a stand-alone module on an air cushion landing gear, the presence of a pressurized cockpit, using two helicopter engine turboprop, coupled shaft synchronization, etc. Particular attention is paid to the exploitation of bezaerodromnoy LMS, which is important for our country, especially in Siberia and the Far North. Developed aerodynamic design that combines high aerodynamic efficiency at cruising flight with high lifting properties at takeoff and landing. The calculated aerodynamic tests confirmed the model in the wind tunnel T-102. Stand on an air cushion landing gear was successfully tested in the pipe and in the Moscow Complex TsAGI hydraulic canals. According to estimates of FSUE "State Research Institute of Aviation", in the case of creating a new version in a light aircraft with wheel chassis allow reduction in the cost of transportation by 18-45% compared to the An-2, L-410UVP-E and with foreign counterparts. This suggests that a family of next-generation aircraft LMS. Cost-effectiveness of a light aircraft with air-cushion landing gear is also positive. According to the specialists of JSC "Aviation industry ‘sales perspective LMS from 2016 to 2030. could be around 1,770 aircraft of all three variants for a total of about 4.5 billion U.S. dollars. The share of 19-local modifications will be 62% of the total issue, 13-seater — 25%, and 9-seater — 13%. In general, studies have shown that in the case of developed TSAGI technical solutions and technologies new Russian aircraft will have competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets, as well as ensure the availability and security of the local aviation and aerial works. TsAGI on prospective establishment aircraft technology demonstrator LMS perspective, on which you can work out and verify the declared promising and innovative technical solutions. Conceptual design of such a demonstrator developed in 2012 in cooperation with specialists of TsAGI KNIITU-kai, by "Aerorik" and a number of other organizations in the framework of the contract with the Ministry of Industry of Russia.

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