TsAGI studied the physical picture of the flow model

"Frigate Ekodzhet"

The experts of aerodynamics TSAGI completed the study of physics flow model "Frigate Ekodzhet." Tests have shown a favorable nature of flow in a wide range of angles of attack and sliding. Have been identified as the critical values of these angles at which the flow separation. The data will be used to develop proposals to test the local aerodynamics to further improve the landing of the wing aircraft "Frigate Ekodzhet."

Customer of the work is of "Russian Aviation Consortium."

The tests were conducted in a subsonic wind tunnel T-102. The scientists used the method of "shelkovinok", which provided a qualitative picture of the flow element design aircraft with a take away and released the mechanization of the wing. This imaging technique is that the painted surface for monochromatic beams attached filaments which, under the influence of the aerodynamic forces change their position relative to a model that allows to determine in what mode the air flow separation occurs, which is accompanied by a marked deterioration in the aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft.

Press Service of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "ZAGI"

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