TsAGI tests of the model MS-21-200 at high angles of attack, and in a spin

TsAGI specialists completed a series of tests of the model MS-21-200.

Dynamically similar model of MS-21-200 cruise, take-off and landing configurations, with all sorts of options and different combinations of load deflection of controls has been designed and manufactured in TsAGI to order of "Irkut". Tests of the model at high angles of attack, and in a free bottle opener held in a vertical wind tunnel T-105 TsAGI.

In the course of the experiments measured the weight of the aerodynamic forces and moments acting on the stationary and rotating at a constant rate model. TsAGI specialists determined the characteristics of stability, control and damping of the rotation model at angles of attack 0 — 90 °; conditions and falling into a tailspin and the parameters of the possible modes of the corkscrew. As a result, were formed recommendations on how withdrawal of the aircraft from a spin.

The results confirmed the possibility of providing a high level of safety MC-21 aircraft and will be used in the process of fine-tuning the aerodynamics of aircraft and for the creation of mathematical models applied in particular to the flight stands.

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