TsAGI the new technology of compact fans


TsAGI scientists have developed an innovative technology, high-performance compact axial fan systems for air-conditioning systems, engine cooling systems and electrical equipment.

As the press service of the institution, new methods of aerodynamic design fans provide combination of qualities such as small axial dimensions and high energy efficiency. They have dimensions of 1.5-2.5 times smaller than its predecessors, but the same performance, sufficiently high pressure and static efficiency (hs = 0,71). In normal fan power consumption in a similar arrangement would be about 40% more.

The proposed units are designed to operate in an environment where near the outlet of the fan is any obstacle that limits the axial dimensions of the flow passage. Their use is appropriate in the various compartments of motor vehicles (helicopters, cars, tractors, locomotives, etc.), air conditioning systems and life support systems. This technology enables a new approach to the formation of an air path of these systems significantly improve their performance, increase the density of the layout engine compartments and reduce noise.

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