Tsistreny Azovmash among the 100 best products in Ukraine.

Today, October 4, in the building of Donetsk Drama Theatre was officially summarizing the regional competition of 100 best goods of Ukraine.

In the category "Industrial Goods" badge of honor awarded tank model 1516-10, received the certificate UkrSEPO. It is designed for the transport of chemicals. The tank is designed to GSKBV the VM Bubnov and manufactured in PJSC "Azovobschemash" (PJSC "Azovmash"). The first batch of products had already been sent to Azerbaijan. The customer chose "Azovmash" of the four represented carriage works.


The new tank has indicators that exceed the requirements of the customer. Its load capacity of 67.5 tons in tare weight is not more than 26.5 tons. Transportation provided 14 names of chemicals.

Award winning prestigious competition organized by Donetsk Center of Standardization and Metrology, wagons company noted more than once. Previously, the winner was the tank for transportation of propane-butane model 1780 — a unique product that are in high demand among the customers of the CIS countries. The tank has a capacity of 52.1 tons. Among the winners of the previous years and a covered wagon carrying capacity of 59 tons of 1807-02. He received a positive assessment of Russian consumers and are now in high demand in the competitive market of the territory of the track "1520". Sectional Platform 1318-39 at the time was also named among the best products of Ukraine. The product is unique in the CIS and exceeds its technical characteristics similar platform built in Slovakia.

— Thanks to the innovative design of front Specialized Design Bureau of car building our company produces a range of products based on market needs and wishes of customers, — said General Director of PJSC "Azovmash" Igor Karapeychik.

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