TSU and FNPC Altai started to produce unique raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry

 Photo source:flexcom.ru

Tomsk State University in cooperation with Biisk Federal Scientific and Production Center "Altai" launched a joint innovation project. It is aimed at the development of domestic technology and production of raw materials — 2-methylimidazole necessary for anti-infective drugs that are synthesized from glyoxal.
The size of investment in the production of 150 million rubles.

«C as long as in 2009 on the basis of our development was started the production of glyoxal in Tomsk, we have the opportunity to initiate similar projects, — says Alexey Knyazev, head of the Laboratory of catalytic research TSU. -We are the only Russian who spent before the end of the development of production technology of 2-methylimidazole, and are willing to test it on a pilot-industrial level. This is a great success, because today in Russia the production of raw materials for pharmaceutical substances there is little, and our joint project with FNPC "Altai" could lead to serious changes in the structure of the pharmaceutical market. "

The result should be a pilot production of 2-methylimidazole capacity to 100 tons per year. Work has already begun preparing for the new lab, developed a marketing strategy for the sale of products and interaction with partners.

In TSU this project was developed with the participation of a number of small enterprises in Tomsk, such as, "Aldofarm" open at the University in 2009. Now it is being implemented with the support of the technological platform "Medicine of the Future," created in the SSMU.
By the project is already showing interest in Russia’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

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