TTC built a line of communication in the area of Komi Synya-Usinsk


Company "SeverTransTeleCom" ("TTK-North") has completed the construction of the main fiber-optic line in the Komi Republic in the area Synya-Usinsk and entered the corporate communications market of the city.

Press-service of the operator reported that the constructed line Synya Usinsk-length 107 km will provide a wide range of telecommunications services to local operators, commercial and government enterprises Usinsk.

Fiber-optic line Synya-Usinsk built as part of a cooperation agreement with the Government of the TTC of the Komi Republic. The document was signed in May 2012 in Syktyvkar, during an official meeting of the President of TTK Artyom Kudryavtsev and head of the republic Vyacheslav Gaiser.

"Construction of fiber-optic communication lines to the Usinka completed as scheduled. Currently, between" TTK-North "and the administration of Usinsk signed a cooperation agreement, under which we plan to build a communications network to provide high-speed Internet access Usinsk residents. Start network construction is planned for spring 2013 ", — the general director of "TTK-North" Eugene Medkov.

"Out of the telecommunications market TTC Usinsk is of great importance for the whole municipality. Broad range of communication services offered by the company using the latest technology, will be able to satisfy all the needs of organizations and people Usinsk. Goodwill" TTK-North "confirmed the successful operation of the company in other cities of the Republic of Komi"- Said the head of the municipal administration of the city district Usinsk Alexander Tian.

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