Tu-204SM completes a series of tests in difficult climatic and meteorological conditions

The new mid-range domestic airplane Tu-204SM, built at Ulyanovsk aircraft plant, completes a series of tests in difficult climatic and meteorological conditions, the press-service of JSC "Tupolev". 

The other day, the Tu-204SM number 64151 in the take-off and landing modes, made a series of runs on the runway (runway), coated with a layer of water. The tests were conducted in a special pool established at the airport LII. Gromov in the suburban Zhukovskom.Tselyu these tests is to assess the safe operation of the airplane in conditions of rain and the rain, to a tropical approximate.

"In the tests carried evaluated movement of water jets, caused by the interaction of the chassis with the water and their impact on the safety of the flight. The results of runs recorded video cameras located in the area of a swimming pool at different rasstoyaniyah.Ispytaniya were a crew of chief pilot of "Tupolev" Victor minashkina and driving test pilot program certification tests — pilot ispytatelyaLITs GAIgorya Research Institute under the supervision of specialists Chernoff certified centers Professional engineers LII. Gromov Institute of Civil Aviation and JSC "Tupolev" — the company said.

Tu-204SM performed 8 runs on a wet runway in the speed range from 50 km / h up to the moment of take-off and showed transcripts results in all parameters. In the near future aircraft will be final test in this series — landing in a real rain. According to chief designer Oleg Alasheeva aircraft, such tests require serious methodological training. In particular, experts LII developed a test method for plane-flying laboratory Tu-154, that is, "from scratch."

Wound Tu-204SM has completed a series of ground and flight certification tests at low and high ambient air temperatures. According to the program of tests at high temperatures were performed flights with total duration 44 hours. 17 min. The estimation of hydraulic systems, aircraft control systems, life support systems and the passengers and crew.

According O.Alasheeva: "The maximum passenger comfort during the flight in the first place is ensured trouble-free operation of air conditioning and automatic pressure control, in this regard, a large body of work on the measurement of the temperature in the passenger compartment. The test results are positive. "

Currently, the Tu-204SM started nazemnyeispytaniya on failsafe. "This is one of the key stages of the certification test, which is conducted for a comprehensive and objective assessment of the test performance of samoletapri various combinations of systems, components, units," — said the chief designer of the aircraft.

Total Tu-204SM in the certification tests performed 285 operations.

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