Tu-204SM has been successfully tested at low temperatures


Continuing certification tests entirely new family of aircraft modification "Tupolev" — Tu-204SM. One of the two cars after the stage of improvements in the production of the final assembly of CJSC "Aviastar-SP"Successfully completed flight testing at low temperatures in Yakutsk Sakha Republic. 

Within 10 days were 12 flights at temperatures up to -45 degrees Celsius. Results are positive: all the equipment, systems and engines airliner operated in accordance with the stated specifications and airworthiness requirements. The tests took place in the cold under control specialist team flight test facility Zhukovsky, took part in the certification experts Institute of Civil Aviation and the State Scientific Research Institute "Air Navigation".

After successful testing of the cold side of it right away to join a major certification programs in the Zhukovsky flight test and development base. Arriving aircraft to "Aviastar" is planned in the third week of March. The plant will refine it a typical design and on the issues identified in the certification tests.

Second Tu-204SM is finishing the basic certification program. Today the car is also in Zhukovsky and soon arrive at the native enterprise for the next phase of improvements based on the results of the tests.

Tu-204SM will perform three special programs: tests at high temperatures up to 45 degrees. C; flying in high altitude — up to 3 thousand meters above sea level and tested to the third category of ICAO — flying in conditions of reduced visibility. The full range of certification tests to obtain a type certificate to be completed by the end of 2012

The new Russian airliner equipped with upgraded PS-90A2 engines, meeting all the requirements of European standards. Range of the aircraft with a maximum payload of around 4 thousand miles. The aircraft is equipped with a universal navigation, radio communication, instrumentation, which will operate the aircraft crew of three is not like it used to, and from two people. In comparison with the base plane is improved by 10-12 percent. fuel efficiency and operational reliability of the aircraft


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