Tu-204SM has successfully completed a test of resistance to EMI

Successfully completed the program of ground certification tests of the Tu-204SM number 64150 under the impact of high intensity electromagnetic fields (HIRF). HIRF tests were conducted to confirm the security systems of the Tu-204SM from the effects of electromagnetic fields emitted by TV and radio stations or radar, designed to ensure safety.

According to the preliminary results of the tests carried out have shown compliance with the requirements of the aircraft certification basis.

Certification tests conducted by specialists of JSC "Tupolev" and JSC "Beriev Aircraft Company. Beriev" on the basis of the Taganrog Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex under the control of the Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee and certification centers.

Tu-204SM — modern Russian medium-range aircraft, developed by JSC "Tupolev". The aircraft exceeds the previous analogs of Tu-204 on navigation, aircraft performance, economic performance and meets the requirements of the modern world in terms of efficiency and comfort. The airplane more than 20 new systems and components designed and manufactured using the latest technology the best enterprises of Russia. Tu-204SM is capable of carrying up to 215 passengers up to 4,800 kilometers. At present, the aircraft is in the final stages of certification tests. Serial production is planned for 2013

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