Tu-204SM pass certification tests in Yakutsk

In accordance with the plan of work for certification of the Tu-204SM special passes certification testing at low outdoor temperatures, the press-service of JSC "Tupolev".

In the course of the specialists of JSC "Tupolev" and ASN GosNIIGA audited ability of the aircraft and its systems to withstand thermal stress. The test program includes the evaluation of the training aircraft to take off after a short period (up to 2 hours) and long term (at least 12 hours) parking. Taking into account indicators of warming up time before the flight, the temperature control in the cabin and cockpit, specified in the company. The main unit of work associated with the testing engine, fuel system, auxiliary power unit and air conditioning system. According to preliminary data during test flights of all aircraft operated in normal mode, and the planned ground work will be completed in the near future. Similar tests were conducted JSC "Tupolev" on the Tu-204 — in 1996., Tu-214 — in 2000, the Tu-334 — in 2004.
All tests were conducted at the airport "Yakutsk", which is the traditional proving ground for testing the aircraft in extremely-low-temperature noted in the JSC "Tupolev".

Tu-204SM — modern Russian medium-range aircraft, developed by JSC "Tupolev". The aircraft exceeds the previous analogs of Tu-204 on navigation, flight characteristics and meets the requirements of the modern world in terms of efficiency and comfort. The airplane more than 20 new systems and components designed and manufactured using the latest technology the best enterprises of Russia. Tu-204SM is capable of carrying up to 215 passengers up to 4,800 kilometers. At present, the aircraft is undergoing certification testing. Serial production is planned for 2013

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