Tula molkombinat launched a new line of ultrafiltration

Photo source:addz.ru

Unique dairy products have become available to residents of the region as a result of installation and start at the Tula dairy plant new line of ultrafiltration. It allows a large range of different products of natural milk — from cheese to soft cheese.

In Russia, and in the world, such lines one and they are used mainly for the production of cottage cheese for child nutrition. "The uniqueness of this line is the pressure-membrane technology. — The chief of department number 2 of "Tula Dairy" Alexander Poroshkin. — It does not allow to pass through it with any milk ingredient: vegetable oil, milk powder. "

One of the most popular dairy products in Tula is cottage cheese. In the composition of cheese made on line ultrafiltration is whey protein containing essential amino acids. Dairy product becomes even more valuable to your health.

Less than six months, as the work of the Tula dairy plant modernization and improvement of production was marked by a very high level. Among the awards — winning the competition "100 best goods of Russia", and for the implementation of innovative projects Dairy awarded the "Tula business."

With new technology industry has become more efficient, and the taste of dairy products only improved.

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