Tunnel excavation Station Rumyantsevo Sokolniki metro line began in Moscow

Tunneling to the station "Rumyantsevo" Sokolniki metro line which will be the first station in the new territories of the capital, launched in Moscow.

From the station complex "Troparevo" toward the station "Rumyantsevo" kicked Tunnel mechanized complex, which is to go right distiller 2.1 kilometer long tunnel, cross the Ring Road and get off at the station "Rumyantsevo" — the first in the new Moscow.

Station "Rumyantsevo" is shallow station and is located along the Kiev highway near the eponymous business center. It is designed with two underground vestibules and exits on both sides of the Kiev highway.

Commissioning of the area extending Sokolniki metro line with three new stations "Troparevo", "Rumyantsevo" and "Salarevo" is scheduled for 2014. A new section of the line will serve the residents of the district Troparevo-Nikulino workers business center "Rumyantsevo" as well as the population of the metropolitan area Solncevo and Novo-Peredelkino and the new Moscow. 

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