Tupolev and CAPO signed a contract to overhaul three


The company "Tupolev" and Kazan Aircraft Factory (CAPO named after SP Gorbunov) have entered into a contract for the overhaul of three Tu-160 for the Defense Ministry, said JSC "Tupolev".

"The size of the transaction in monetary terms — 3.407 billion rubles. <…> The term to maturity of the transaction — up to 31 December 2015," — said in a statement.

Clarifies that the Kazan aviation plant will perform work on the technical task of the military department on aircraft number 601, 602, 605.

Tu-160 (NATO — Blackjack) — Soviet and Russian supersonic strategic bomber bomber with variable-sweep wing. The largest supersonic aircraft in the world’s largest aircraft with variable geometry wings. Holds the record for heavy bomber combat aircraft as having a maximum take-off weight. It should be in service since 1987, in the Russian Air Force at the beginning of 2013, according to media reports, there are 16 Tu-160.

Moscow, July 26 — Reuters.

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