Turboatom continues to recruit Russian power plant

 Photo source:com.ua

"Turboatom" shipped equipment for Novosibirsk HPP (Russia).

November 28, 2011 "Turboatom" shipped to the customer of the impeller chamber for Novosibirsk HPP.

To modernize the Novosibirsk plant "Turboatom" will deliver Kaplan turbine runner for type «Kaplan» 8 m in diameter, embedded parts, turbine machinery, including the guide vanes, turbine shaft, bearings, seals, and other items.


At the Novosibirsk plant has seven turbines designed capacity 58.6 MW each production "Turboatom". Delivery of the equipment began in 1956.

Conducted a test stator assembly with a helical cam Gotsatlinskoy HPP (Dagestan, Russia)

November 28, 2011 handed over to the customer control assembly with helical stator chamber Gotsatlinskoy plant under construction, station number 1, which is signed by the appropriate protocol

Volute transferred to the shipment. Also for the number of hydraulic units 1 and 2 Gotsatlinskoy plant parts were shipped embedded parts.

For this station, the plant will manufacture and supply two Francis turbine unit capacity of 51 MW and two disc hydraulic lock. Complete the order to manufacture and ship the equipment to the customer is planned next summer.

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