Turboatom finishes the reconstruction of the eighth unit Kurakhovskaya TPP

 Photo source:com.ua

Completed shipment of units to upgrade the block number 8 Kurakhovskaya TPP. In November, the customer was handed control assembly of medium-pressure cylinder (MPC) to the rotor (RSD).

MPC has been sent to the station, the RNC transferred to packaging and shipping.

At the 8 th block Kurakhovskaya CHP plant is reconstructing a steam turbine K-200-130-1 of 200 MW of the Leningrad Metal Plant (Russia) with a full replacement cylinders of high, medium and low pressure.

After upgrading the capacity of thermal power will increase by 10 MW, will increase efficiency of fuel consumption reduced by 26.1 g / kWh.

This is the second power station, which modernizes "Turboatom". A total of 7 stations operating power from the turbines K-200-130 LMZ total production capacity of 1,460 MW. In 2009, the plant will supply equipment for reconstruction of LPC turbine 7th unit to increase capacity of the unit is 7.8 MW. In autumn 2011, "Turboatom" has signed a contract for the reconstruction of the block number 6. The main technological innovation of this order — the exception Bauman stage in the cylinder low-pressure turbine blades and installation of the new generation, developed by specialists of the plant, which will make the most of the energy in the steam turbine.

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