Turboatom mastered the production of turbines with a capacity of 200 MW

"Turboatom" (Kharkiv) has mastered the production of steam turbines with a capacity of 200 MW. This was announced by the company’s CEO Victor Subbotin. According to him, during the years of Soviet steam turbine of 300 MW produced "Turboatom" and 200 MW were produced in Leningrad (now — Concern "Power Machines", Saint-Petersburg). TEP Ukraine are 43 blocks of 200 MW of Leningrad production and 45 units — 300 MW of "Turboatom". The timing operation of these units are suited to step replacement or modernization.

"Understanding the needs of the market, we have developed our own turbine of 200 MW, taking into account the needs of its binding to existing stations in Ukraine. Similar work carried out in respect of generators" Eletrotyazhmash "- said V.Subbotin.

According to him, the plant presented his design and engineering of Ukraine was able to convince customers that the turbine and generator better Russian counterparts and at the same time — it is cheaper. In addition, domestic enterprises more clearly observe the terms of delivery. As a result, the production on "Turboatom" is already seven turbines with a capacity of 200 MW.


Help "SQ". "Turboatom" produces steam turbines for thermal and nuclear power plants, hydraulic turbines for hydroelectric power stations, gas turbines for power plants. 75% of shares of OJSC "Turboatom" belongs to the state. At the end of 2011 "Turboatom" completed the modernization of the steam turbine K-200-130-1 of the Leningrad Metal Plant (LMZ, Russia). This volume of work on the reconstruction of thermal power plant company performed for the first time.

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