Turboatom of manufactured equipment for thermal power plant Krivoy Rog


In July 2013 "Turboatom" manufactured low-pressure cylinder (LPC) for the block number 1 Krivorozhskaya TPP.

In the presence of the customer company’s specialists had control assembly of low pressure cylinder on the test stand in the assembly and test workshop (№ 73). According to the results of tests signed the act of acceptance that all test parameters comply with and accepted by the customer.

"Turboatom" will replace low-pressure cylinder, retaining the foundation and the rotor IPC. In the process of modernization in the first flush of the low-pressure stage were performed with shell discs and upgraded only 5 gear with the installation of blade size 1030 mm. The number of stages in each flow low pressure kept the same (3×5 steps), all the steps in the second and the third stream of new ones. In the second and third LPC flux applied svarnokovanny rotor.

Increased efficiency and reliability of the flow of low-pressure cylinder of the second and third flow is achieved through the use of diaphragms with highly economical profile of the guide vanes and improved rotor blades of all grades from Wholly bandage shelves. In addition, the optimized steam input is applied, providing convergent unseparated flow at the entrance of the flow part;

The upgrade will increase capacity of the unit by 15 MW, while the share of the calculated heat consumption decreased by 363 kJ / kWh.

The contract for the modernization of the turbine K300-240-2 of number 1 Krivorozhskaya TPP was signed in November 2012. According to the contract, "Turboatom" made the LPC for the second and third stream, and put a set of blades of the fifth stage for the first stream of low pressure. Supply of equipment for the contract will be completed in August this year.

On the Krivoy Rog TES is set to 10 units with a capacity of 282 MW, with the turbines K-300-240-2 (item number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10) and the K-300-240 (item number 6, 7, 8), made "Turboatom". Entering the equipment was carried out in the years 1965-1973.

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