Turboatom ready to increase headcount by 350-400

"Turboatom" (Kharkov) in 2011 has recruited 800 people, with the shortage of workers for the production program of around 500 people. This was announced by the company’s CEO Victor Subbotin. According to him, in 2012, it is planned to increase the number of employees by at least 350-400 people. (Now it is 5.2 thousand.).

According to the CEO, the average salary in the company is 3.5 thousand UAH. per month, the average wage of industrial workers — 4.6 thousand UAH. "We maintain a high level of salaries, benefits, and working conditions and have the ability to attract highly skilled workers. Every day, the personnel department comes about 50 people. Average age of employees has gone down to 44, which ensures the continuity of generations," — said V.Subbotin.

According to him, the key for the plant is part of Design. "To carry out plans for the revival of human resources we started primarily with the designers, attracting specialized department of the Kharkov universities. As a result, our designers — the best in turbine construction sector. This point energy, which can compare our designers, for example, experts group" Power Machines "(Russian .) We have, by the way, promotion of the products to the markets of the designers involved, not economists. That is not "generalists", and those who can understand the customer and offer him the best solutions "- said V.Subbotin.


Help "SQ". "Turboatom" produces steam turbines for thermal and nuclear power plants, hydraulic turbines for hydroelectric power stations, gas turbines for power plants. 75% of shares of OJSC "Turboatom" belongs to the state.

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