Turboatom shipped equipment for thermal power plants Starobeshevskaya

In July 2013 the specialists of "Turboatom" produced and passed under the nodes shipment upgrading low-pressure cylinder (LPC) for the block number 12 Starobeshevskaya TPP.

  The contract is being finalized. Under the terms of the contract signed in October 2011, "Turboatom": produce a reconstruction of the flow of the low-pressure cylinder with the replacement of the rotor, diaphragms, clips, gaskets, and the middle part of the body of LPC. After upgrading the capacity of the unit will increase by 8 MW, the efficiency increases to 88%, will design and supply of equipment, perform demolition, construction works will produce commissioning and guarantee tests. Currently in production are on the machining of the diaphragm and blading — a low-pressure rotor, the shipment of the equipment is expected in August. The final stage will be the shipment of spare parts and accessories in September 2013. On Starobeshevskaya TES, a project of modernization of steam turbine K-200-130-1 200 MW of production "LMZ" (Russia). Completed works will also help to reduce the consumption of fuel by 26.1 g / kWh. This is the fourth unit Starobeshevskaya TPP, which will update the "Turboatom".

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