Turboatom (Ukraine) has completed production of a second for the Kama hydroelectric power plant (Russia)

"Turboatom" (Kharkov, Ukraine) has completed production of the second of four hydroelectric power plant to the Kama (N16), the press service of the company. Until the end of May 2013. equipment will be shipped to the station. Now the power plant, accompanied by experts of the plant is an installation of the hydraulic unit. Embedded parts already installed, mounted guide vanes. Start turbines is scheduled for 2013.
According to the contract signed in December 2010. "Turboatom" will hold a deep reconstruction of four turbines N15, 16, 17, 18 type Kaplan nominal capacity of 21 MW and a rotor diameter of 5 m in the Kama hydroelectric power station. As a result of the modernization of the design power of each unit will increase from 21 to 25 MW, the maximum power of 28 MW, will also increase reliability and environmental safety units. The service life of turbine will increase by 40 years.
Since 1996. "Turboatom" upgraded fifteen hydro power plant on the Kama.

Kama HPP is located in the city of Perm and is historically the first stage of the Kama. The plant has a total capacity of 23 hydro 522 MW.

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