Turkmenistan increases oil recovery by technology


The specialists of "Tatneft" continue to implement the contract for the provision of services to enhance oil recovery in the south-eastern sector of the oil field N.4 NGDU "Goturdepeneft" in Turkmenistan.

From commissioned additional wells produced more than 13,000 tons of oil.

The purpose of the contract is to attract new equipment and technology, proven in the fields of OAO "Tatneft", to increase oil production wells in the field Goturdepe.

The active phase of the overhaul of wells and putting them into service began in February 2012. Office "Tatneftesnab" organized supply of equipment and materials. In total, for the work in Turkmenistan imported equipment and materials valued at more than U.S. $ 8 million.

Since February last year, in order to increase oil recovery commissioned 9 wells. At present, the average daily production exceeded 50 tons. Repairs are performed by workover branch of OJSC "Tatneft".
To date, constructed and put into operation production and consumer base for Goturdepe field. Created 100 jobs, including 70 recruited Turkmen specialists deployed system for monitoring the work of existing wells using the automated system. Organized teamwork of two brigades of well workover, staffed by specialists of Tatarstan and Turkmenistan.

Wells in the south-eastern part of the deposit Goturdepe complicated by high GOR, deposits of paraffin in the tubing string, the formation of sand plugs, corrosive crude production, custom design of wells and a variety of complications during operation of downhole equipment, and complex tectonic structure-bearing deposits with the presence of geological faults .

OJSC "Tatneft" has a wide range of different technologies, equipment and expertise to achieve the above objectives, including sidetracking, the use of the unit with a flexible tube, the use of adhesives for insulation defects in production strings, etc. These technologies will be used in the further implementation of the contract.
For the implementation of the contract on the part of "Turkmenneft" creates the necessary conditions allowing to develop cooperation on a wide range of issues of advanced technology and expertise. The company "Tatneft" has a real help in improving the skills of Turkmen specialists.

The relationship between OJSC "Tatneft" and "Turkmenneft" developed in the framework of cooperation enshrined relevant agreement between the Republic of Tatarstan and Turkmenistan on June 28, 2008 and the Protocol on cooperation in the oil and gas sector, signed by OAO "Tatneft" and the State Concern "Turkmenneft" in July 2008.
In February 2011 OAO "Tatneft" has received an official document of registration of its branch office in Turkmenistan — the certificate (SAHADATNAMA), issued by the Ministry of Economy and Industrial Development of the Republic of Turkmenistan.

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