Turn off the Internet

Yesterday at work disconnected the Internet. No, how do you like it? They shut off the internet. At work! Well, everything, of course, immediately went home — well, what else do without the Internet for? And there I was. And, as it turned out, for good reason — in the first half hour did a lot of interesting discoveries. It turns out that I have on the computer, in addition to the Internet, there are many other items can … Cool. Discovered icon labeled "C + +" and "Java". However, still not figured out how to play them. But there is bad news. First, it has crept rumors that there should work. I admit, it was a low blow. And secondly, it seems I have a boss. No, I have, of course, there was some suspicion — after all, not the first year working here — but that so immediately, without training … Go chtoli get to know him? At the same time I ask when the internet include. [Cut] And yet, it’s disgusting — to cut down on the internet all morning! They would have removed the game from all computers. Quite brazen chesslovo. They’d still satellite TV in my office and shut off plasma TV endured … All DVD with porn addition. Conscience should have, that’s what. People come here to work, and they cut off the Internet! Today, the Internet, and tomorrow will ban race on scooters through the corridors. And the day after, God forbid, strippers kicked out of office … Pah-pah-pah. Internet cut off … Why would not they, then, so, and amusement park in the car park does not carry? Along with the shooting range — well, where portraits of the main boss instead of targets. What are they thinking at all? They shut off the internet … Can it, then too, and discos in the conference hall of the ban? And? Or, just to cover up the casino in the dining room? Come on, what could be there — take out all the slot machines in accounting! Fascists. And then … scary to think about! Then they would get to come to work, vyryazhennymi like clowns — in suits and ties, and not in their favorite torn jeans and sandals. Beasts they, not the people! Beasts. Hell, I’ve been chattering too much with you — but I will, I suppose, tired of waiting for the planning meeting. I wonder what they have today is the beer?

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