TUYMAZINSKY concrete pumps — a new solution

2010 — "Tuimazy hauler" concluded the business relationship with the German company «Waitzinger Baumaschinen GmbH» in the production of concrete pumps. In November 2010, produced the first concrete pump with technological equipment of «Waitzinger» with high supply of concrete 42 meters, capacity of 140 m³ / h The first concrete pump «TZA-WAITZINGER» acquired the construction company Tyumen.
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Process Equipment Concrete «WAITZINGER» as adapted for use in the Russian conditions and is mounted on the Russian car KAMAZ chassis.

Lineup updated series includes concrete pumps with boom length 37, 42, 47 meters. Expansion of the series will be based on customer demand.

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A new series of concrete pumps are designed for reliable and continuous operation even in harsh conditions and heavy use.

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Concrete-pumping unit provides a high suction efficiency and performance of concrete pumping (160 cubic meters / hour), as well as smooth and continuous supply of concrete.

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Wear-resistant S-valve with a big turn on the output allows you to skip a lot of concrete with minimal losses during exercise. Divided piston group reduces wear. Heavy-duty chrome-plated cylinders are able to withstand a large number of cycles. It is possible to regulate the work of hydraulic cylinders. Grease a standard node is a centralized lubrication system LINCOLN.

The receiving hopper optimal form and mixer prevent the formation of dead zones and ensure maximum efficiency at the time of the concrete. Ideal for washing. Grate the bunker with a vibrator is equipped with a function for safe disconnection.

All hydraulic systems are equipped with reliable hydraulic components of the company «Bosch Rexroth Hydromatik» (Germany)

Placing booms of high-strength steels are stable and safe to use, able to withstand heavy loads.

Particularly noteworthy system outriggers. A choice of different types of outriggers: the standard ST-system, providing excellent stability, or unique support systems such as HHT, HHN, which can be deployed in the most confined spaces and working at partial layout outrigger! Ability to work out of the cab.

Management is comfortable automobile concrete pumps with proportional radio control and remote control. Provides manual control of the pump group and a distribution mast.

Together with the technique provided a first class service: round the clock technical support, mobile brigade "emergency technical assistance" to the necessary diagnostic equipment and tools necessary supply of spare parts.

Reliability, quality, endurance, proven 42 and 47 — meter high concrete pumps, m working in the harsh conditions of Siberia (Tyumen), and the Far East (Magadan).

The first public screening of a series of concrete pump «TZA-WAITZINGER» — ABN-37 (58153S) on KAMAZ-6540 with a boom length of 37 meters was held in late May at the 12th specialized exhibition "CTT-2011" in Moscow. The exhibits aroused genuine interest among specialists. Along with the technical specifications and the price was attractive car. After the exhibition concrete pump went to the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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