TVEKS: a contract with Cuba

The plant "Tver Excavator" (TVEKS) until the end of 2012 will put 40 of hydraulic crawler excavators in the framework agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Cuba on the supply of the domestic construction and agricultural equipment.

The total cost of procuring Cuba excavators will be $ 4.6 million

The contract will be made 34 tracked excavator ET-20-20, equipped with bucket teeth for rock, and 6 crawler excavators ET-20-21 hydraulic hammer with MG-300. The machines will be used for the construction of roads, backfilling embankments, ditches excerpts, as well as for the development and transportation of soils increased hardness. 

To improve the reliability and safety of equipment during construction works in humid tropical climate took a number of design improvements of these machines. Primarily were incorporated comfort and safety for the operator. Cab excavator has good sound insulation through the use of modern materials. Spacious interior, informative instrument panel, air conditioning, comfortable controls and a full-round visibility for the operator creates confidence earthmoving works.

On excavators equipped with electronic systems to ensure the efficient operation of equipment in the harshest conditions with a combination of high ambient temperatures and high humidity.

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