TVEKS demonstrated tracked excavator to work on peat soils

As part of the All-Russian Forum of peat plant "Tver Excavator" (TVEKS, is a "GAZ Group") submitted a tracked excavator ET-16-broadening of the elongated run.

Excavator ET-16 provides reliable performance on soils with low bearing surface. The machine works effectively in difficult conditions, including the development of water-drenched soil, landfill soil at a considerable distance from the place of digging in the dump.

The main advantages of the machine:
— Small turning radius rear service, increased speed of the turntable;
— A small working weight (16 tons);
— Increased Track width up to 1000 mm;
— Low ground pressure 0.19 kg/cm2 (for comparison — the ground pressure of ET-14 — 0.39 kg/cm2, ET-18 — 0.43 kg/cm2);
— Better performance (which increased the power of digging, boom components on the ground level, the parameters of the working area).

Maximum digging depth is 5.1 m machine with a bucket capacity of 0.65 m3.

As standard excavator ET-16 is equipped with:
— Air conditioning,
— Engine preheater «Hidronic»,
— Cab heater «Zenith»,
— Independent heater.
Excavator design provides the opportunity to work with a wide range of operating attachments:
— Stick to the different buckets,
— Grab for bulk and nesypuchih materials
— Hydraulic,
— Ripper, etc.

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