TVEL confirms that the Swedes are buying Russian fuel assemblies for nuclear power plants, Ringhals 3

 TVEL confirms plans for production by the end of 2013 fuel assemblies "TVS Square" under contract with the Swedish company Vattenfall Nuclear Fuel AB and on top of deliveries in early 2014, the fuel of the company; fuel elements also in talks with other European and American operators for "TVS square, "told reporters, senior vice president of fuel company TVEL Peter Lavrenyuk conference on the sidelines of the World Nuclear Association.

  • "TVS-Kvadrat" for reactors PWR (water reactor pressure) Western design
  • "TVS-Kvadrat" for reactors PWR (water reactor pressure) Western design

"We are in the process of implementation of the contract with Vattenfall, signed in December 2011. Work is underway to prepare reports for the licensing and transfer of regulatory authorities. And yet resolved questions qualifications of our production facilities, which are involved in the cycle of production.

We expect, as stipulated in the contract, at the end of 2013 to manufacture and assembly at the beginning of 2014 to put them. And then — we are engaged with other European operators and continuing contacts with U.S. operators (for "TVS square"). While specific agreements we reached, but I think that as part of this year should see much, "- he said.

The design of "TVS Square" (FA-K) put many years of development, production and use of nuclear fuel in the reactors of the VVER-1000. In particular, the TVS-tested to be used
and the well-established in the fuel assemblies for VVER-1000 design solutions for the frame and spacer grids that will improve the reliability of nuclear fuel
in reactors PWR. As structural materials in TBC applied to modern Russian zirconium-based alloys.

Fuel company Rosatom "fuel elements" is a vertically integrated structure of the Russian nuclear industry and combines production and research assets for fuel fabrication, separation-sublimation of the complex, as well as enterprises for the production of gas centrifuges and equipment to them.

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