TVEMA continues to conquer the railways in Germany

Recently, many of the inhabitants are of the opinion that our railways in technical terms is incredibly far behind their European counterparts and now we’re just doing what we buy Peregrine Falcons, without the French can not develop a good engine well and the list goes on. However, this is not the case, I will not give any thought on debunking myths, and just give you an example of what we at least not far behind. I’ll tell you about the means of rail flaw detection.

First of all, a small educational program for what it is: in the rails that cert may well miss the train may be a variety of defects that can not be determined visually, and that can lead to breaks in the rails of a train with all the consequences. The timely detection of defects in rails problem is very important and quite complex from a technical point of view. Perhaps the most common method of inspection — is the application of ultrasound. Not so long ago, specialists from the Russian company TVEMA presented in Germany automatic flaw on the combined course

Information from TVEMA:


"September 26, 2012 GC TVEMA specialists together with engineers from DB Systemtechnik test drive had a mobile laboratory defectoscopic LDM-LR on the control railway station in the German city of Kirchmoser.

The result revealed all artificially created defects in this area in the rails, including the transverse cuts in the rail head with a working face (imitation transverse fatigue crack 21.2), i.e. lesions that are not detected by European means of ultrasonic flaw detection. All violations were detected in the automatic mode, the hardware-software complex ASTRA set to LDM-LR.

DB Systemtechnik experts praised the exceptional detection of defects and technological equipment of the Civil TVEMA. However, they emphasized the ability of MLR-LR to move both the highway and off-road and on rails. Impressed German colleagues, or the quick on and off the lab with railway sleepers with any type that has no analogues in the world.

Products Civil TVEMA not unusual for Germany. In December last year, our company was the first Russian company to have won the tender German railways, becoming the winner of the competition for the equipment defectoscopic Deutsche Bahn AG trains video system of continuous monitoring of the rail head. In the fight for the prestigious order then we are ahead of the largest suppliers of diagnostic equipment for the European railway market, including the same DB Systemtechnik.

The current recognition of the merits of our equipment German colleagues, competitors allows us to hope for further expansion of its production in one of the most technologically advanced and competitively saturated rail markets in the world. "

I want to draw attention to two facts in this post: 1 The German experts have recognized that they can not identify defects that may reveal our technique, 2 defects were detected in the automatic mode, if earlier detection of the defect was necessary prisuststvie man who defined the type of defect and its parameters.

In other news, on the web at:

"A very big impression on the German colleagues produced" compact and simple design of the feed mechanism and management flaw finder ", and the ability to" quickly put / remove the lab from the rails at a railroad crossing. "

There are also comfortable working conditions for the crew and the reasonableness of operating camera equipment, "positioning of the computer under the roof provides more freedom of movement for the legs and more space. After testing monitors folded up, thus ensuring their safety. ""

That is also copied a product that not only fulfills its function perfectly, but also to work on it comfortably!

Threat. Do not judge too harshly, the first publication

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