Tver Carriage Works: cars shipped, acts signed, the contracts are closed

Car maintenance 61-4483


The case of small series "Tver Carriage Works" has fully complied with its obligations to customers for special products for the year 2012.  

In the order of the Department of the way and structures Railways sent 3 car maintenance, and only in 2012, the plant produced and delivered nine cars. As the Eugene Vozhakin, Acting Director of CCM — Director of Special lines: "By producing these products we started with in 2011. Today it is very crucial for Railways. Currently, the Russian Railways operates about 8,500 cars escort, and they are all worn out. Therefore, in this regard the prospects for an order from the factory good. completing the production program of the year, CCM took up special orders for 2013 ".

To date, in the case of small series, there are several key areas of orders:

  • special purpose wagons for maintenance of railways: Flaw, puteizmeriteli;
  • premium cars that are created in order to provide maximum comfort to passengers;
  • manufacture of products for the Ministry of Defence.



Interior car-lab


The car salon business class


Interior car-interior executive


Interior Luxury car


Interior car-interior for leaders


Passenger Compartment staff car with beds 61-4463: Lift for the disabled

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