Tver Carriage Works sent to the customer first metro car body

In the night from 12 to 13 October the first body of a subway car, made in the Tver Carriage Works OJSC ("SEZ", is part of ZAO "Transmashholding"), was sent to the customer. Bodywork subway cars — brand new line of work for JSC "SEZ", specializing mainly in the production of passenger cars and locomotive special wagons for various purposes.


Terms of development of new products were very compressed, but that has not stopped the Tver railcar at a minimum provide a prototype of the body that was highly appreciated by customers. Since October, the Tver Carriage Works started mass production of car bodies for the Moscow metro.


Sending them to the JSC "Metrovagonmash", where the works on interior decoration and equipment of cars all the necessary equipment by road, requiring the management of the plant to take certain organizational decisions. In particular, for this purpose procured special trailers with ramps that allow them to plunge the car 24 meters in length, extended the road from the factory to the entrance of the St. Petersburg highway, resolved the issue with sending goods at night when the streets are not loaded transport.


It is planned that by the end of 2011 TIZ will produce more than 30 bodies, and order volume for 2012 will be much higher. The question of what part of the work on the assembly and interior design of cars will also be held at the Tver Carriage Works.

Informs the Office of Public Relations of JSC "Tver Carriage Works"

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