TVZ has completed the cycle of design work on the double-deck carriages

On the Tver Carriage Works in production transferred design documentation on all models of double-decker coaches.

According to the contract for the supply of two-story wagon locomotive, which Tver Carriage Works and JSC "Russian Railways" signed in December 2010, shall be designed and constructed four types of coaches: staff, restaurant car, compartment with four-seater coupe and wagon NE with double compartments .
The first was designed and made sleeping car with berths for 64 passengers (16 and four-compartment). Next was prepared design documentation for a two-storey staff car, which has a special radio compartment, allowing the head of the train to keep in touch with all of the cars and the stations. In the staff car 12 quad coupe. Single compartment and one of the toilets are equipped for transportation of a passenger with a disability and his entourage. Then started the production of a two-story dining car with a dining room for 44 people and a bar on the 6 seats, equipped with everything necessary to prepare hot meals and provide them almost all the train passengers. The latest in a production car running NE to double compartments.
Currently under construction prototype dining car and the car NE, prototypes of staff cars pass a set of tests required to obtain a certificate of conformity.
According to the contract in 2013 to supply TVZ for Russian Railways 50 double-deck coaches: 4 staff (model 61-4472), 4 dining car and 42 car models 61-4465 — 38 compartment with four-seater coupe and 4 with double compartments. Of these two compounds will be formed that will be used on the route "Moscow — Adler", including for transportation of the participants and guests of the Sochi Olympics in 2014.

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