TVZ has produced more than 90 new cars in three months

90 wagons for the railways + more than 60 cars for the subway.

In the I quarter of 2012 JSC "Tver Carriage Works‘ (part of the JSC" Transmashholding ") sent to various branches of JSC" Federal Passenger Company "more than ninety nekupeynyh passenger cars of model 61-4447. This model, which has the status of social, today prevails in the order of FPC. Currently Gorky branch of "FIC" poisoned 32 carriages, the Northwest — 26, North Caucasus — 23, South-East — 10 cars.

In the framework of the existing treaties until the end of the Tver Carriage Works will supply a total of FPC 342 wagon various types. Along with nekupeynymi passenger cars, which make up the bulk of the order will be made 27 staff cars of model 61-4445. The main feature of a staff car is that in addition to the six standard coupe, it equipped with compartments for passengers with disabilities (including wheelchair), as well as a service compartment with radio equipment provides superior train link with all the cars and stations. In addition, by contact with the FEC, which is the main customer of "TIZ" This year will be manufactured 17 cars with seating model 61-4458 and three dining car model 61-4460.

It should be noted that the management of FIC repeatedly raised the question of the objective necessity of a more dynamic updating of the rolling stock and increase the supply of new cars produced by the Tver Carriage Works pre-crisis level: in 2008, TIZ released about 1,200 cars.

Currently, the Tver Carriage Works in parallel with the release of a batch production orders for FPC performs the commercial market, expanding into new areas. In particular, under the intercompany cooperation with JSC "Metrovagonmash" is working on implementation of the order to update the rolling stock for the Moscow metro. Since the beginning of the year has made 42 intermediate car models 81-7610 and 20 subway cars head-body model 81-7600. Another important area of the plant — preparation for mass production of cars double-decker, whose production will start in 2013.

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