Twins in orbit / Canopus-B CAD

These days, the Russian rocket "Soyuz" put into orbit the first Belarusian satellite. At the same time it flew in space and Russian spacecraft "Canopus". Both remote sensing satellite built in Moscow at the Research Institute of Electromechanics.

With the launch of satellites into orbit twin Russia and Belarus to create a space group that will work in a single space system.

Shirt of gold insulation sew so anxious — as if on their child. They’re twins — Belarus and Russia’s BelKA Canopus, named in honor of the second brightest star in the sky. The last hours before the launch of satellite sensing.

Akopov: so-called removable parts. There is a list on which we have to report that they are all removed. this fire color to attract attention, that in no case the red will not fly away

George Akopov — one of the fathers of these devices. Supervises final works, to be done before starting.

George Akopov, Technical Manager for testing spacecraft Corporation VNIIEM

-There’s all optics, optics be washed before starting, clean and these all operations will be done at the very last moment before the knurled fairing

For a few moments, and the fruit of years of work of a team of hiding under the fairing. These satellites are created at the Research Institute of Electromechanics in Moscow. It is not easy, as is often the case with breakthrough projects.

Alexander Gorbunov, deputy general director of the corporation VNIIEM

-The first time the unit with a resolution of 2 meters in panhrome who weighs 500 pounds, for comparison Resource-DK, who has worked in the meter range weighed about 6 tons, this is a significant step forward in terms of small-sized devices

The fact that Russia desperately needed these satellites, as shown once again Resource-DK, literally saved the country from a forest fire two years in a row. The first-born VNIIEM — "Canopus" together with his brother-Byelorussian — just the beginning of grouping similar machines. It is symbolic that it was laid in the beginning of the 70-year anniversary of the company.

Leonid Makridenko, CEO of the corporation VNIIEM

-In all the years of its existence, for 70 years, VNIIEM of the launching of more than 70 artificial earth satellites for various purposes. And the total flight OUR Cosmo. EQUIPMENT IS MORE THAN 70 YEARS IN SPACE WHEN TO FOLD THEM ALL TOGETHER.

Heat waves in Baikonur, unprecedented fires in Siberia, the tragic flooding in the south. Nature seemed pushes — her keep an eye. "Canopus" in the help.

The roar of engines … and silence. Before satellites will transmit from the orbit of the first information, a silence … touch wood. Startovik did their job well, now work in full swing at the MCC Research Institute of Electromechanics, which created the machines.

Flight testing will continue for several months, but after a couple of weeks, you can wait for the first shots of the device with the name of the second brightest star of the sky.


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