Two dairy complex will pass this year in the Lipetsk region

Two new dairy complex for two and a half thousand heads will be put into operation this year in the Lipetsk region, said the press service of the regional administration.

"This year will be commissioned two dairy complex at 1.2 thousand head each, and all in the area are now being implemented ten major investment projects for the production of milk," — said a spokesman for the outcome of the meeting on Friday in the region of milk producers from 15 regions Central District.

He added that to support the industry has already allocated more than half a billion rubles from the regional budget, attracted more than 6 billion rubles of investments. With the help of state purchased 12,000 head of pedigree cattle import selection.

The press officer said that the initiative of the governor Oleg Korolev in the region are among the first in the country were established family dairy farm.

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