Two ends of the tube

We sit on the oil and gas pipe. What a mess.

We do not sew themselves cowards and do not grow bananas. Shame.

Our patrimony — is hydrocarbons, electricity, nuclear power, aerospace, aircraft, of arms and related with all this technology. The end of Russia.

Energy — Power — Power. What niche unworthy world!

And to convince us to go with this unworthy niche — a cherished dream of our competitors.

Friends, and if we do not send them away?

Do you want to retrain in mice to the world of sewing sneakers and sweat pants, a robot collecting scrap future? You have seen what has become China — these rotten stinking river, eaten mountains, the air saturated with the apocalypse?

What a nightmare — we delivered energy, and they give us — a carrot!
Do you want to trade places?

Another horror story — we’re going there for them and spend their money there. They give us the worthless green paper, and we will immediately refer back to Baton on their beaches and gazing at their sights, and they give us, the fools, know a tray of beer and chips. They have deceived us cruelly! We are just some scary stupid goblins creep out of their dens frozen, come to their house and Orem: Uterus! Mammals, yayko, schnapps, daffay!

And all at his own expense! Disgusting spectacle.

Gentlemen, we just pressed, that we would fall into pessimism and depression.

We are convinced that we are sitting on the tube. What we will have nothing to eat, if Cho.

A and B were sitting on the tube …

But at the other end of the pipe sitting too. If a pipe breaks, you eat, I’m sorry, there will be nothing to them in the first place.

We Chase on the tube is black and blue shit ages, get us on the right of force by our ancestors, receiving in exchange the product for which they have koryachatsya price of physical degeneration and personal degradation.

Our One and his brother, Allah will know whom to bestow all, and who pay a prosperous office Morlocks without a soul with burning eyes greed-driven managery.

In Morlocks no soul and there is no freedom. In their language does not even have word for this concept. Their freedom — these are the rules of behavior of worker bees in the hive. Their democracy — it’s frame with honeycombs, where cells with mathematical precision equal to each other. Therefore, they need not Caesar, and managery.

We have freedom of expression is associated with the state of a location outside the prison between terms.
Our real freedom — it will. It is no coincidence that word has another meaning "strength."
Only the strong can be truly free.

Yet we are told that we de dying out. The population of critically low.

And why we should double every n-dtsat years?

Let’s see how this belief and to whom it is profitable.

Ancient Russia — it is the strength of five to ten million people, half of whom were annihilated by Mongols. But it was enough population to not go extinct has for thousands of years.

I sometimes tell my foreign friends: you are small, and you have a lot of territory.

To this I say, and you have a flat what? 100 meters? A live one. But there, in the poorer quarter, I saw a hovel, where 10 squares on the person.

Why do not you keep them to yourself in an empty room?

Yes, we live and work alone on the sixth of the land. And would like to have another one. We need it as a library.

This is our apartment, Xiao-Shvonder. The documents were signed in blood.

Want to — do it with a key will close and leave you to lounge around on Hainan pear.

No need to be conducted on those conversations, brothers Hyperboreans. We do not have to multiply like rabbits just because it’s southern neighbors, or do some — we will not point fingers — collecting genetic trash from all over the world and we need to confirm the alleged property rights by force of numbers.

We in the house as we want, and we live.

But if you have such serious problems with overcrowding, you are ready to go to the forced takeover of someone else’s property, we can provide you with humanitarian aid — depopulizatory "Topol" and "Bulava". You can with strawberry lubricant.

To regulate the number of one-two.

At the end of two tubes.

And who gets which end is in this complex multi-polar world — it is also necessary to look.

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