Two million conifer seedlings planted in the Altai Mountains this year

Planting conifer seedlings on the ground and burned logging of past years resulted in the Altai Mountains, this year, the region’s two million trees were planted, said the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic.

  • Pine plantation in nursery AU RA "Karakoksha forest"
  • Pine plantation in nursery AU RA "Karakoksha forest"

On Friday, in the Altai Republic finished planting seedlings of coniferous trees. Foresters planted two million seedlings of larch, cedar, pine and fir trees on 540 hectares in the different regions of the country in the field of old burnt wood, deforestation and forest glades. 

"The employees of autonomous institutions of forest and forest areas from morning to evening, despite the bad, cold, spring weather worked, creating forests of our region. Exceeded the plan by planting seedlings of larch and cedar" Chemal forest "," forest Mayma "and" Ongudaj forest. " <…> At the work of Foresters does not end in front of caring for forest plantations, as the trees started to grow and were fixed, you need to protect them for ten years, "- said in a statement.

Experts hope that every year in the Altai Mountains of non-forested areas will be less. However, they believe that the restoration of forests should be a concern not only of workers in the wood industry, but "every responsible citizen of Russia."

Environmentalists believe that the work of planting new trees are essential to the Altai Mountains, it is only in the past year, the area covered by forest fires in the region, exceeded 4,000 acres.

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