Two million Egyptians live in cemeteries

Extensive Egyptian cemeteries have long been a haven not only for the dead. According to the latest data released by the Central Statistical Agency of the country, cemeteries live more than two million Egyptians. We are talking about the old men and the young men, and the children, who had to settle on the graves. Many of them earn their livelihood, engaged in the manufacture of tombstones. Some read verses from the Koran on the graves in return for a small coin from the relatives of the deceased.

Hatem Hosni one of many Egyptians who have to live in the tomb, together with his family. Room and kitchen are located on a large tomb, which for 150 years, and where dozens of bodies are buried. Bottom breaks unpleasant odor. Children play directly on the graves, but at night they have to calm down, because they are afraid of ghosts.

"The current economic situation, the lack of jobs and high rents — that is what forced us to live here — said Hatem. — To live in an apartment, it takes a lot of money, and I do not work, so we can not get away from here. Government and do not care, it has forgotten about us. They believe that we are already dead, the times we live in cemeteries. "

At the Cairo cemetery we met Aisha Al-Haj Ahmed, who has lived here for forty-three years, in a small room, it is not fit for living. There is no electricity or running water. He manages to live on alms, which he receives from visitors cemetery. Al Haj Ahmed does not know what’s going on in downtown Cairo, just a few kilometers from here, "I am an illiterate person can not read and do not know what is happening in Egypt. News only learn from the people who come here, like you, and tell me that somewhere in the clashes. But to me, in fact, still, I live here, do not endorse anyone, and do not get involved in politics. "

Cemeteries in Egypt have also become a haven for many criminals, fugitives, criminals, hunted robbery and drug trafficking. The police here rarely looks, and it is easy to hide. Those who would like to get out of here, often have nowhere to go.

"My daughter stood in line for an apartment four years ago — says the woman. — Her husband is disabled, and they live in a small room with his mother. But she did not give a new home when she went to the officials, she was told to wait another two years. "

Multiply repeated government promises to rectify the situation and remain promises. People continue to live there, where we put only be dead.

"These people are living in cemeteries themselves in something like dead men. They are completely unaware of the political conflict, and did not care about what is happening in the country. The only thing they think about, passing through the narrow streets of the cemetery — how to survive. "

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