Two railway bridge built to the Elga coal deposit in Yakutia


The railroad built two bridges over the river and creek on the railway line Ulak-Elga in Yakutia required for entrance to the Elga coal deposit, told RIA Novosti on Monday a representative of the company "JAkutugol".

According to the source, the first bridge built across the creek Lomaka eight months, is a 266 kilometer routes are Ulak-Elga. Its length is 94.5 meters, height — 15 meters.

The second railway bridge over the river Undytyn, built on 285 km of the road, on its construction railway builders took nine months. The bridge consists of four spans, its length is 231.5 meters and height — 40 meters.

"There are plans to transfer them for laying the permanent way, commissioning these artificial structures will eliminate the round-trip time of these bridges on the main railway line Ulak-Elga," — said the representative of the company.

He said that the only railway line Ulak-Elga planned construction of 76 bridges. Their construction requires quite a lot of time, so in those places where the bridges are not yet built, erected temporary detours.


Open Joint Stock Company Holding Company, "" OAO — one of the largest coal producers in Russia. It consists of three mining companies: cut "Neryungrinsky" cut "Kangalasskii" and mine "Dzhebariki-Hai."

"" OAO is one of the few producers of hard coking coal in Russia. Volumes of mining companies reach 11.5 million tonnes per year. Basically it is a high-quality coal valuable brand "K9". Products "JAkutuglja" is in great demand both in the domestic and foreign markets. In particular, regular consumers of coking coal concentrate produced at "JAkutugle" are Chinese, Japanese and Korean companies.

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