Two stations disinfection of drinking water began to work in Irkutsk

In Irkutsk to MUP "Water canal" under the modernization program Ershovsky intake commissioned two decontamination of water produced in Russia on the basis of bipolar membrane electrolysers, which excludes the application of the work of a pure chemical chlorine. The cost of the equipment and its installation on two intakes amounted to about 24 million rubles, the next phase is planned to upgrade the pumping equipment.

"Previously, the company used the chlorine containers, by means of which chlorinated water — the director of MUP" Water canal "Sergei Vinarsky. — Production was chemically hazardous, representing in the case of chlorine leak threat to life and health. Now for the disinfection of water using a regular table salt, deliver it from Usolye-Siberian. In the night away 200 kg of salt, it is four bags of 50 kg

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