Two tornadoes swept over New York

Two tornadoes swept over New York Natural Disasters

Two tornado funnel takes in the outskirts of large American cities, damaging power lines and trees scattered around the debris by blowing sand, water, benches, beach gear and rubbish. New Yorkers are still in shock, as they are not used to the weather surprises of this nature.

Fortunately, among the people who have witnessed one, and after 10 minutes of another, more powerful tornado victims. First walked through the funnel of the peninsula Rokeuey called Breezy Point in Queens. According to witnesses, the sound of approaching tornado whistle and roar like a moving train. The second episode has affected the north-east of the city, but rather Canarsie, Brooklyn.

For the remaining parts of the U.S. East Coast as severe storms swept, transforming the streets of cities and towns of New England in the river and leaving tens of thousands of people in Washington state in the dark. As part of the team crashed the stage at the Festival of Jazz in Rosslyn, Virginia, one visitor suffered minor injuries.

Paired tornado very rare visitors to New York City and the surrounding area, but in recent years they have started to happen more often. So, last year, from a tornado damaged several smaller force of Long Island. In 2010, in Brooklyn and Queens was fixed a couple of very serious tornado in turning parts of the city on its head. The same year saw the tornado in the Bronx, the story was repeated earlier in 2007.

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