Tynda earned under the new pumping station ESPO-1 — NPS-20


This is the latest, the fifth station, built by the program of expanding power the first stage of the pipeline system Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean to 50 million tons.

On the program of the ESPO pipeline capacity expansion was given two years. Total investment program "Vostoknefteprovod" from 2010 was built five intermediate pumping stations. Four — in Yakutia and one in the Amur region.

All objects are constructed taking into account the geological and climatic conditions of these areas where located. At the new plant, as well as those that have been built for laying TC ESPO — 1, set to high-tech equipment, safety monitoring system of pumping oil.

However, with all the project similarity of objects, each of them has a technological features. So on the NPC and NPC -12 -13 installed stand-alone diesel power plants, power stations to upgrade to the required first level. Since November 2012, to ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity to the central NPS-12, was filed with the voltage overhead line 220 kV "Chernyshevsky-peace-Lena-Peleduy." Power supply NPC -13 ensured by line — 220 kV "Suntar — Olekminsk."

To provide electricity to NPS-16 and -20 NPS by JSC "FGC" MES East and MCC ESPO built new or renovated existing energy facilities. NPC -18 powered by two 220 kV trunk transmission lines "Neryungrinskaya — Lower Kuranah."

Also, to improve the safe operation of the pipeline, all stations are equipped with safety valves, and NPC -18, one of the first objects "Vostoknefteprovod" is equipped with a smoothing of the pressure waves. This is due primarily to the high location of the facility — 1,100 meters — above sea level.

In addition to the five new stations on the program of expanding the TC ESPO to 50 million tons — were built 4 underwater crossing of the river channel with a width of 70 meters. The first was introduced back-thread through the Lena river, stretching over 1.5 miles away. By the end of 2011 culvert length of 482 meters was stretched across the river Aldan and laid 328 meters back along the bottom of the thread Ust — Ilim reservoir. And in March 2012 were laid almost three kilometers of pipes across the Angara.

All new objects "Vostoknefteprovod" were put into operation in compliance with the specified project deadlines.

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