Tyumen gained unprecedented pace of road construction


Tyumen bridge builders in 2012, made a "heroic labor of" constructing outcome "clover leaf" in just 6 months, this rate in Russia did not know before. But that’s not going to stop them, passing one object they come for another two.

Construction of the interchange "Overpass over the ring" at the intersection of Shirotnaya and Melnikaite in full swing. The work does not stop, day or night or in cold weather. The total length of decoupling will be more than four kilometers.

Now, one might say, the beginning of the work, willing to only four legs. Total build sixteen. Concrete heated directly on the site. There are difficulties. To build one of the pillars of the underground heat interferes. It needs to be carried. But only when the heating season is over. "We solve problems with heating systems on the transfer of heat and 110 KV transmission line to carry out the work in the complex," — said the chief engineer TF "Mostootryad-36" Andrey Lazarev.
Who is next in line — installation spans. The distance of each — 42 meters. One-piece thong is composed of three blocks. Please bother to welders, assemblers now the quality of support. At present, enlarging the twenty beams on four flights. Huge whip will be transported to the building site on the weekends at night. "The main welding spans begin to install, when the blocks are connected together and combined avtotropnymi plates", — says Andrey Lazarev.
Then inflict asphalt. According to the plan it will be the end of the summer. A contraction is expected in the spring of lanes. To the side of the shopping center "Ribbon" will be three lanes, near the center of "South" and even less — only 4.5 meters of the road. Drivers will have to endure the inconvenience to fall until the denouement will not be ready.

Chronicle of construction.























The pace of course smaller, but the construction is carried out in the winter and not summer, in contrast to the "cloverleaf".





The most complex and ambitious project — the interchange at ul.Montazhnikov. It crosses several streets and Transsiberian.



For the construction of an overpass through the Trans-Siberian Railway to build a new pedestrian crossing, and will be held at the site of the old bridge, now these works are completed.







Where the old crosswalk does not prevent already being built support.







Gratings are prepared supports.



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