Tyumen region develops one trillion rubles of investments

In the Tyumen region before the end of 2013 will start up nine major industries.

At the site of the future plant for the production of melamine film, which is building a German company are in full construction. Start the enterprise should next spring. In Tyumen, this will be the second plant — the first investors opened almost half a year ago. It is expected that within a few years, a new company will reach its design capacity — about 60 million square meters of film per year.

To a new level and is another new production for the region — for the manufacture of drilling rigs. The plant started small — produced some of the details of drilling, and now the product is collected in full. The first installation is ready, the plans to collect up to five pieces a year.

200 people in the region will be able to provide work with start-up plant oil cable. The third-largest service company, has invested in a new production of more than half a billion rubles, plans to produce in Tyumen to eight thousand kilometers of the cable in a year. Equipment installation will begin in the spring.

Employ 270 people preparing for the opening of a major new bakery. The company, in which invested about 600 million rubles will be able to produce up to 38 tons per day.


Among other investment projects successfully implemented in the field of plant Stekloteh, production and training center of the company "Schlumberger", the project KNAUF Insulation, Construction Steel (UMMC-Steel), capacity 550,000 tons per year hoop. At present, there is mounted more than 30% of the equipment, the first products are expected in the first quarter of 2013. It will be created over a thousand jobs.

Total to date in the Tyumen region sold about forty investment projects. The total invested in these funds authorities estimate nearly a trillion rubles. In this case, officials say continued interest in the Tyumen region from foreign equity holders. Confirmation of this was the recent visit to the region a group of foreign investors, which manages assets of nearly a trillion dollars. Tyumentsev presented several projects, including a polypropylene plant in Tobolsk, product pipeline "Purovsky Plant — Tobolsk Petrochemical" Roshchino airport renovation, construction waste recycling plant.


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