TyumenEnergo commissioned PP 110 kV Mercury

Deputy General Director — Chief of Staff of "TyumenEnergo" Vadim Shuvalov pressing a button on the remote control switching points (PP) 110 kV "Mercury" solemnly introduced into operation.

In his welcoming speech, he said: "Oil companies of" Rosneft "annually increasing production of" black gold. " They are in constant need of additional power capacity at the sites of production.

Our new facility will allow for the additional power take-off scheme will strengthen the external power supply, will perform the necessary grid connection of the largest consumer of electricity in the service area of Nefteyugansk electrical networks — RN-Yuganskneftegaz. This will increase the reliability of power supply not only the oil fields, but also the Khanty-Mansiysk as a whole. Hence additional tons of crude oil, additional millions of dollars that go into the treasury of the Russian Federation. "


During the first nine months of forty people using 27 units of motor vehicles is established nearly 140 tons of steel and 800 cubic meters of concrete. This results in a PP "Mercury", so necessary for the reliable supply of deposits "RN-Yuganskneftegaz" and the nearby communities of Ugra.

"Focusing on the needs of consumers TyumenEnergo, Nefteyugansk electrical networks will continue to develop the network of power enterprises, improving the reliability of power supply and providing optimal conditions for the functioning of the industrial and social development of cities and regions of Ugra", — said the director of the branch "Tyumenenergo" "Nefteyugansk electrical networks" Anton Firsov.

Initially, the design of PP 110 kV "Mercury" was supposed to join a newly constructed substation 110 kV "Kamchinskaya." However, during the development of long-term development plans of 35-110 kV network "RN-Yuganskneftegaz" together with JSC "TyumenEnergo" decided to reconnect the existing supply of 110 kV "Parfenovskaya" on the new object.


PP "Mercury" has become a useful gift for the holiday of workers of the oil and gas industry. Already this year, oil companies are planning to consume power to the newly introduced 110 kW "Kamchinskaya" in the amount of not less than 12 MW and nearly 6 MW of an existing 110 kV "Parfenovskaya." This burden will be capable of operating seven of 35/6 kV "RN-Yuganskneftegaz" with a total installed capacity of over 100 MW.

"We really need such a facility because of a reliable energy supply of our deposits depends mining company. I am very pleased that the energy "TyumenEnergo" went to meet us and built this facility in such a short time ", — said the head of the department of the enterprise project management Energy LLC" RN-Yuganskneftegaz "Anatoly Denisenkov.

By 2015, the "RN-Yuganskneftegaz" plans to bring the total capacity for 110 kV "Kamchinskaya" and 110 kV "Parfenovskaya" to a value of 72 MW, which will provide work for more than fifteen substation 35/6 kV "RN-Yuganskneftegaz" with total installed capacity of over 200 MW.

Introduced "TyumenEnergo" energy facility is equipped with the latest technology and built to meet all modern standards, rules of construction and operation of the facilities of the energy sphere. This will reduce the number of staff to two switching station attendants while increasing reliability.

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