U.S. concerned about the launch of a new anti-missile radar in the south


The U.S. military has expressed extreme concern that in the city of Armavir in southern Russia commissioned a new generation of radar. 

The U.S. believes that Russia intends thereby to destabilize the strategic balance of forces in the world, according to The Washington Free Beacon. In turn, Vladimir Putin said that the Russian army must be ready to meet the new threats.

The new radar is located near the Black Sea, and was designed to protect Russia from missiles launched from Europe and Iran. According to media reports, these radars will be installed in the country of about seven.

Pentagon expresses its concern that Moscow on the one hand calls on the U.S. to disarm, and the other is actively strengthening its border anti-missile complexes, writes The Washington Free Beacon. Official representatives of the armed forces of the United States stated that the radar installation and an overall increase of defense is a threat to Russian security of America and Europe.
"Russian does not agree with the placement of protivooboronnyh U.S. funds established in Europe, but at the same time they create a network for the detection of a missile attack," — quotes the edition of the official representatives of the United States.

In addition, officials from the U.S. armed forces are concerned that Russia is creating yet another controversial weapon — rocket PC-24 "Yars". It has been tested in the past month. And as a result it can be considered medium-range missile, according to U.S. intelligence. And this, according to intelligence agencies, violating an agreement between the USSR and the USA from 1987 on the elimination of intermediate-range missiles.

Russia for its part maintains that there is no infringement because its range exceeds 5,500 km, which is more than the distance you can cover a medium-range missiles.

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