U.S. intelligence services have confessed to spying for foreigners through the Internet. Or maybe they just do not follow?

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper confirmed that U.S. intelligence agencies collect information via Facebook, Google and other companies. In this case, Clapper said that it is the users who are outside the United States.


Then just recently arrested in Turkey 24 bloggers who are suspected of fomenting unrest in social networks, and 14 other people on the wanted list. Well, Prime Minister Erdogan, directly accused the Internet in provoking mass protests of citizens.

And given the fact that according to "knowledgeable people" — all the strings to manipulate the Internet in the hands of the U.S., here it somehow slips obsession little thought — and maybe the U.S. government not only engaged in a total surveillance, but much more global equities at using the World Wide Web ustaivayte? After all, that whatever you say, and the notorious "Arab Spring" was also on the "fertile field" of the Internet nurtured.

Here you write about this case, and even a little uncomfortable is because all of a sudden, uneven hour, the most for excessive chatter as interesting take, if not for the long blogerskogo language fatal virus my computer "reward."

Listen up! Or maybe all of these revolutionary upheavals and street riots did not blame the U.S. government? (This is me to a proper rehabilitation thought to develop). What if there like a fiction thriller, is a spontaneously-powerful computer mind spawn and set out to dominate the human race?


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