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In the United States passed a law to control citizens through the Internet

Intelligence Committee in the U.S. Congress approved a bill CISPA, which expands the powers of law enforcement agencies and allows them to control information on the Internet, as well as to monitor all movements of U.S. citizens.


The government has decided to control all the information that is the internet, and keep track of where the Americans go. Intelligence Committee voted for a new bill CISPA, which was proposed in 2011. With it, the authorities plan to step up the fight against illegal content on the network, trafficking of intellectual property, and to protect the copyright.

However, at the same time, U.S. authorities infringe on personal data and freedom of speech, experts said."This new initiative shows that the government is willing to expend the resources to achieve their goals", — Said the president of Vamos Unidos USA, Juan Jose Gutierrez. According to him,«CISPA violates the right to freedom of speech for all Americans".

Under the new bill the government will gain control over user data of several major Internet companies. At the same time, the authorities will have the right to collect the necessary information and distribute it for security purposes.

Internet activists have come together to develop protection against the new law.

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