U.S. police beat people with batons vdevyaterom

33-year-old David Silva died after nine police officers beat him with batons. The man begged for his life, cites numerous witnesses, The Independent.

Police reported that a drunk man lying in a clearing near the medical center Baskerfilda (California). According to their story, he was so violently resisted arrest, they had to use batons to calm him down.

However, the testimony of witnesses, and most importantly — a video made on a mobile phone, refute the official message. "He did not resist, he begged for his life," — said one of the witnesses. "Two beat him with batons, someone sat on it, someone was kicking his feet," — adds a second. Also survived recording a telephone conversation of a woman named Sulina Weir with the service 911. She stated that all recorded on video.

Witnesses say that after the incident, police went from house to house, trying to deprive the owners of mobile phones with a record of violence. This caused an uproar among human rights activists because it is in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. At the moment, the police refused to comment on the death of the man.

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