U.S. police have bought Russian Saiga-12 shotgun


U.S. police units purchased for its smooth-Russian semi-automatic rifle with a feed store "Saiga-12". On this, as reported "Interfax", the general director of "Izhmash", producing guns, Maxim Kuzyuk. According to him, the delivery of the first batch of weapons took place in January 2012. The amount of the transaction and other parameters of the contract for the supply of guns "Saiga-12" Kuzyuk did not elaborate.

The contract for the supply of Russian rifles American policeman was signed during the exhibition Shot Show, held in Las Vegas on 17-20 January. The main requirements of the American side in the procurement of weapons were reliable and powerful guns. During the exhibition the Shot Show "Izhmash" has also signed a number of agreements for the supply and production of Russian weapons in the United States. In particular, import of weapons in the U.S. will deal with the company Russian Weapon Company, and producing classic models — Flime Group.

"Saiga-12" was developed on the basis of a Kalashnikov. Weapon weight is 3.6 pounds at a length of 1,145 millimeters (barrel length — 580 mm). The gun used to shoot 12 caliber bullets. "Saiga-12" is equipped with a box magazine capacity of two, five and eight rounds of ammunition. Weapons equipped with plastic or wooden stock and forend.

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